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EXCITING NEWS! Advanced Standing agreement with Humber College for the Certified SCMP

ENCORE PRESENTATION! Service Contracting - Challenges and Strategies - March 24-25 (Toronto)

Service Contracting often has a high level of complexity and covers a broad range of service arrangements.  Whether you are contracting for consulting services or landscaping services or services unique to your industry, this two day session will provide you with strategies to deal with the challenges of service contracting. Join presenter Debby Shapero Propp for her discussion on service contracting strategies such as creating and utilizing a Statement of Work; planning strategies; knowing what to look for when retaining a consultant; addressing change management in a contract; implementing service management techniques; and other strategies. If you want to address ways to improve service contracting in your organization, whether in the public or private sector, this session, including interactive workshops, will have something to offer you. READ MORE

NEW! Supply Market Analysis for Competitive Advantage
- April 14-15 (Toronto)
A recent study of key procurement trends for 2015 highlighted that strategic sourcing continues to be a key area of focus and that analytics and market intelligence continue to grow as core capabilities for supply chain management professionals. As a supply chain professional, you must merge your organizational needs and requirements with the market  possibilities and supply side to deliver maximum sustainable value. Understanding how to access the market in which you operate is key to creating smart go-forward strategies. Join Simon Brown, Executive Vice President of Arc Blue Consulting for this two day seminar to develop a forward-looking strategy using your own supply market intelligence based on your true scenarios to develop a road map which is robust and repeatable. Topics to be addressed include Market Structure, Commodity Tracking, Supplier View, and Strategy Development. READ MORE

NEW! Information Technology Procurement and Related Contracting - April 28-29 (Toronto)
IT procurement can be highly complex, covers a broad range of IT acquisitions and is often associated with a relatively high failure rate. Whether you are procuring off-the-shelf software or a customized IT system/software, this interactive two day session presented by Debby Shapero Propp, will provide you with strategies to improve your IT procurement and contracting practices to avoid the most common pitfalls. If you want to address ways to improve IT procurement in your organization and to start understanding IT contracting, whether in the public or private sector, this workshop including interactive exercises will have something to offer you. READ MORE

Upcoming Events
Inclusive Procurement & Supplier Diversity Forum - Mar 11 (Fanshawe College)
NEW! Traveling Road Show - May 5 SARNIA

International Supplier Development - Mar 25
How to Become a Valuable Business Partner - Apr 29

Seminars & Workshops
Negotiation Skills (Interactive) - Mar 5

Communication and Relational Skills (Interactive) - Mar 5
Communication and Relational Skills (Interactive) - Mar 7 LONDON
Introduction to Business Communications (SMT) - Mar 7
Introduction to Accounting and Finance (SMT) - Mar 10
Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Management (Interactive) - Mar 12
Purchasing Process and Practice (Diploma) - Mar 12
Introduction to Contract Law and Administration (SMT) - Mar 26
Transportation Services (Diploma) - Apr 9
Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility (Interactive) - Apr 10
Introduction to Negotiations (SMT) - Apr 21
Leadership and Professionalism (Interactive) - Apr 23
International Business and Multicultural Studies (Interactive) - Apr 25

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