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Strategic Supplier Development - September 25-26 (Toronto)
Today's organizations are constantly reducing their supply base and becoming increasingly dependent on their supplier performance in the areas of product and process design, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and supply management. Until now, strategic supplier development has been the exclusive competence of very large industrial manufacturing multinational corporations, particularly in the automotive sector. Recently however, other industries such as oil and gas, mining, utilities, healthcare, high-tech and more have become aware of the unparalleled benefits of strategic supplier development. Join Dan Georgescu for this two-day seminar to learn about strategic supplier development best practices, how to replicate them and customize them to fit the strategic plans of your organization. READ MORE

Incoterms 2010 - Navigating Trade Risks - October 8
International trade can be confusing and complex, with differences in culture, language and business practices often resulting in misunderstandings with foreign suppliers. This one-day seminar presented by Laurie Turnbull of Cole International Inc. will provide participants with a better understanding of the new Incoterms 2010 rules and outline the benefits of using standardized trade terms to strengthen supplier relationships, minimize supply chain costs and liabilities, and avoid litigation. READ MORE

Optimizing Employee Performance Through Strategic Leadership - October 22-23 (Mississauga)
Leading, managing and influencing employee performance is one of, if not the greatest single challenge that anyone faces. This challenge exists regardless of your position within the organization, from individual contributor to President. So how do we influence others to get more done, improve business performance while reducing stress? Join Shawn Casemore for this two-day workshop to learn how to increase employee engagement, create more effective communication channels with your employees, utilize engagement to drive change, and more. Whether you lead others directly or indirectly, this workshop will help you further develop your effectiveness interacting with others. READ MORE

Service Contracting - Challenges and Strategies - November 12-13 (Toronto)
Service Contracting often has a high level of complexity and covers a broad range of service arrangements.  Whether you are contracting for consulting services, landscaping services or services unique to your industry, this two-day session will provide you with strategies to deal with the challenges of service contracting.  Presented by commercial lawyer Debby Shapero Propp, this session will address service contracting strategies such as creating and utilizing a Statement of Work, planning strategies, knowing what to look for when retaining a consultant, addressing change management in a contract, and implementing service management techniques. This workshop includes a one-by-one review of contractual provisions unique to service contracts. Participants will be provided with specific clauses for takeaway use. If you want to improve service contracting in your organization, whether in the public or private sector, this session is for you. READ MORE

NEW! Risk Management for Supply Chain Professionals - November 27-28 (Toronto)
A company's supply chain performance directly impacts its operations, finances and reputation - making risk management assessments necessary for organizational survival and success. This two-day workshop presented by Richard Venerus of RV & Associates will provide participants with a general understanding of risk and a review of the kinds of risks that may be encountered in supply chain, as well as an introduction to the practice of enterprise risk management (ERM). This workshop is designed for participants who have a cursory knowledge of risk management and who seek a strong introduction to concepts and tools for practical application. READ MORE

Upcoming Events
LCBO Facility Tour - Sept 26 FULL
NEW! Interview Skills Workshop - Oct 2
Partner for Performance - SCMAO Annual Conference - Oct 23-24 (Mississauga)

NEW! Supply Chain Finance: Strategies for Unlocking Value - Sept 24
NEW! Negotiation for SCM - Oct 8
NEW! Vendor Relationship Management - Nov 5

Seminars & Workshops

Leadership and Professionalism (Interactive) - Sept 20 (Toronto)
Introduction to Business Planning (SMT) - Sept 23 (Toronto)
International Business and Multicultural Studies (Interactive) - Sept 25 (Toronto)
Transportation Services (Diploma) - Oct 2 (Toronto)
Introduction to Business Communications (SMT) - Oct 16 (Toronto)
Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility (Interactive) - Oct 17 (Toronto)
Negotiation Skills (Interactive) - Oct 23 (Toronto)
Communication and Relational Skills (Interactive) - Oct 30 (Toronto)
Supplier Sourcing & Management (Diploma) - Oct 31 (Toronto)
Introduction to Marketing (SMT) - Nov 5 (Toronto)
Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Management (Interactive) - Nov 8 (Toronto)
Negotiation Strategies (Diploma) - Nov 14 (Toronto)

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