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Leadership Resiliency - Sep 9

Implementing Your Performance Development Plan - Sep 23

Supplier Performance Management Practices and Systems - Nov 4

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Supply Chain - Nov 18

Best Practices in Supplier Debriefs (for Public or Private Procurement) - Jan 27

The Use of Technology in Procurement - Feb 10

Upcoming Events

Encore Presentation! Information Technology Procurement and Related Contracting - Sept 30-Oct 1 (Toronto)

IT procurement can be highly complex, covers a broad range of IT acquisitions and is often associated with a relatively high failure rate. Whether you are procuring off-the-shelf software or a customized IT system/software, this interactive two day session will provide you with strategies to improve your IT procurement and contracting practices and avoid the most common pitfalls. Coverage includes a review of a model IT contractual framework, including sample IT contractual clauses in such areas as scope and grant of license, indemnification, maintenance and software escrow, among others READ MORE

New Seminar: Driving Value for Your Organization through Supply Chain Cost Modelling - Oct 7-8 (Toronto)

Ensuring the delivery of maximum sustainable value for your organization is the role of all supply chain professionals. Over the years, many buyers have been conditioned to focus on market price and price breakdowns, which has resulted in them comparatively ‘overpaying’ for goods and services even within low risk, highly competitive categories. Decisions must be based on cost not price.This two-day program covers such key learning areas as price breakdown, building intelligent cost models, applying cost models to live situations, risk assessment and building a differentiated supply strategy. It highlights strategies based on real live examples that are relevant, have immediate impact and ensure a Return on Investment. The emphasis is on practical application and implementation supported by hands on experience to drive sustainable results to increase the effectiveness of your supply chain processes. READ MORE

New Seminar: Sustainable Supply Chain Practices for Competitive Advantage: New Strategies for a New Game - Oct 20-21 (Mississauga)

This seminar will be held at the Mississauga Convention Centre. It is the pre-conference seminar before the Annual SCMAO Conference begins.

Social procurement is a part of the new lexicon for supply chain professionals. This two day workshop focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices will examine social procurement and the role of the supply chain professional in this complex and somewhat controversial emerging area. It will explore the role of supply chain management in environmental, social and governance policies. It will also examine the role of business and the challenges and opportunities between economic factors, environmental concerns and social values. Several methods and examples for affecting change with measurable and quantifiable outcomes will be provided, including the application of a total cost of ownership model.

NEW Seminar: Building Better Workplace Relationships through Enhanced Collaboration - Nov 4-5 (Toronto)

The ability to influence, persuade and communicate with your colleagues in a positive way is one of the keys to success in any workplace environment. While this may sound fairly simple, in reality it can be quite difficult. This interactive 2-day workshop is designed to offer skill development and awareness building to support collaboration with bosses, direct reports, colleagues and other partners. The workshop will focus on managing various stakeholder relationships and collaborating across different functional areas to achieve organizational objectives; managing emotions arising from cultural, generational, stylistic or motivational differences; and selecting appropriate methods for communicating effectively in given situations to create more positive and productive workplace collaboration. READ MORE

NEW Seminar: Navigating Negotiated RFPs: Advanced Planning and Deployment - Nov 18-19 (Mississauga)

The last few years have seen more organizations move towards the use of flexible non-contract A procurement formats. While these flexible formats are being adopted increasingly, some entities are hesitant to adopt them and lack confidence in their ability to manage bidding risk. This interactive two-day workshop for both public and private sector procurement professionals is designed to demystify the selection, negotiation and award processes used for Negotiated RFPs and provide a practical “how-to” guide to help organizations prepare for open competitive negotiations. READ MORE

Seminars & Workshops

Diploma Final Workshop
- September 10

Negotiating for Success (Online PD) - Ongoing

What's in a Price? (Online PD) - Ongoing

Introduction to Supplier Management (Online PD) - Ongoing

Shaping the Market to Your Advantage (Online PD) - Ongoing

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