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(Members Only) Career Guidance Webinar Series, Part One: Back to Basics - Dec 2

(Members Only) Career Guidance Webinar Series, Part Two: Making the Connection - Dec 9

(Members Only) Career Guidance Webinar Series, Part Three: Transition, the Big Shift - Dec 16

Best Practices in Supplier Debriefs (for Public or Private Procurement) - Jan 27

The Use of Technology in Procurement - Feb 10

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NEW Seminar: Customs Valuation - Tricks and Traps - Nov 26 (Toronto)

Valuation carries higher risk than any other aspect of your customs declaration, and isn't just based on the invoice price you see from your suppliers. There are required additions and/or deductions, and allowable deductions to determine the customs value. Are you capturing all of these additions and deductions? The risk of not doing so includes paying the wrong (too high or too low) duty and/or tax to the Canada Border Services Agency, and attracting penalties upward to $25K on the first infraction, even if you don’t pay duties. This seminar shines the light on the grey areas and provides transparency as it covers mitigating risks, lowering the base on which duty and GST (and other applicable tariffs/taxes) are assessed and ensuring compliance with the Value for Duty Regulations. READ MORE

NEW Seminar: Optimizing Supply Chain Flexibility and Cost in a Lean Environment - January 27-28 (Toronto)

Demand patterns are becoming more and more difficult to project. In the current environment, supply chains must become more flexible and cost effective to limit the impact of long lead times and provide the ability to plan for sudden upsides and in turn downsides. A supply chain must be able to support lean manufacturing processes and demand pull systems. The goal of this seminar is to address a number of these issues and provide participants with the tools and the information required to use them. The focus will be on the use of Supplier Managed Inventory and ABC class inventory management. The result will be a lean supply chain providing optimal customer service and enhanced risk mitigation translating directly to bottom line dollars as well as developing long-term relationships with proven supply chain partners.The processes identified are tried and true and can apply to small, medium and large organizations involved in the supply and demand process. READ MORE

NEW Seminar: Category Management and Strategic Sourcing for Supply Chain Professionals - February 9-10 (Toronto)

Organizational requirements are more demanding than ever and the role of supply chain professionals is to deliver maximum sustainable value. The ability to analyze spend data and align that with an appropriate structure, process and strategy is an essential part of a supply chain professional’s tool kit. This program based on global best practices will enable you to develop a category based strategy that will deliver against your organizational goals. READ MORE

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Negotiating for Success (Online PD) - Ongoing

What's in a Price? (Online PD) - Ongoing

Introduction to Supplier Management (Online PD) - Ongoing

Shaping the Market to Your Advantage (Online PD) - Ongoing

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