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NEW! Tariff Classification for Supply Chain Professionals - June 23 (Toronto)

The world's significant trading partners use the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (or simply HS) to identify and apply a tariff classification on all imported goods into Canada for the purpose of determining duty rates, statistical data, product classification and eligibility for Free Trade Agreements or Preferential Trade Arrangements.  With the elimination of the General Preferential Trade program for imports from such countries as China, duty costs may be on the rise.  By ensuring your classification is correct, you can mitigate your risk and liability, minimize unexpected duty costs and explore duty savings opportunities you may be missing.

This hands-on workshop will help you learn how to classify goods in the Canadian Customs Tariff to the 10-digit level using legal notes, Chapter notes, WCO Explanatory Notes, and General Interpretive Rules.

This workshop is ideally suited to anyone responsible for import information and/or customs documentation for/from their Canadian Customs Broker and/or Canada Customs including Certificates of Origin. READ MORE

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Inventory Management - August 13

Diploma Final Workshop - September 10

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