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Risk Management for Supply Chain Professionals - November 27-28 (Toronto)

A company's supply chain performance directly impacts its operations, finances and reputation - making risk management assessments necessary for organizational survival and success. This two-day workshop presented by Richard Venerus of RV & Associates will provide participants with a general understanding of risk and a review of the kinds of risks that may be encountered in supply chain, as well as an introduction to the practice of enterprise risk management (ERM). This workshop is designed for participants who have a cursory knowledge of risk management and who seek a strong introduction to concepts and tools for practical application. READ MORE

Service Contracting - Challenges and Strategies - December 8-9
Service Contracting often has a high level of complexity and covers a broad range of service arrangements.  Whether you are contracting for consulting services, landscaping services or services unique to your industry, this two-day session will provide you with strategies to deal with the challenges of service contracting.  Presented by commercial lawyer Debby Shapero Propp, this session will address service contracting strategies such as creating and utilizing a Statement of Work, planning strategies, knowing what to look for when retaining a consultant, addressing change management in a contract, and implementing service management techniques. This workshop includes a one-by-one review of contractual provisions unique to service contracts. Participants will be provided with specific clauses for takeaway use. If you want to improve service contracting in your organization, whether in the public or private sector, this session is for you. READ MORE

NEW! Building Defensible Bid Evaluations - February 4-5
(Toronto - Airport East)
Evaluation challenges are a major risk factor in public procurement. This two-day seminar is an innovative program designed to help procurement professionals manage the time pressures and litigation risks inherent in the tendering process. Join presenter, Paul Emanuelli as he provides an overview of key principles and applications relating to building defensible bid evaluations with a focus on team organization, project planning, template selection, document design, clear drafting, and contract management. Using leading case studies and practical workshop examples, this seminar will guide participants through a practical step-by-step approach focusing on establishing clear price calculation rules, integrating transparent non-price evaluation criteria, incorporating precise mandatory requirements and adopting fair evaluation and award rules. Participants will have the opportunity to apply concepts to their own portfolios during the program. READ MORE

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Negotiation Skills (Interactive) - Nov 29
International Business & Multicultural Skills (Interactive) - Nov 29 (London)
Fundamentals of Contract Law & Administration (SMT) - Dec 3
Introduction to Negotiations (SMT) - Dec 10
Ethical Behaviour & Social Responsibility (Interactive) - Dec 12
Supply Chain Relationships for Success (Diploma) - Dec 12
Leadership & Professionalism (Interactive) - Jan 24
Negotiation Skills (Interactive) - Jan 24
Communication & Relational Skills (Interactive) - Jan 30