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Building Defensible Bid Evaluations - February 4-5 (Toronto - Airport East)
Evaluation challenges are a major risk factor in public procurement. This two-day seminar is an innovative program designed to help procurement professionals manage the time pressures and litigation risks inherent in the tendering process. Join presenter, Paul Emanuelli as he provides an overview of key principles and applications relating to building defensible bid evaluations with a focus on team organization, project planning, template selection, document design, clear drafting, and contract management. Using leading case studies and practical workshop examples, this seminar will guide participants through a practical step-by-step approach focusing on establishing clear price calculation rules, integrating transparent non-price evaluation criteria, incorporating precise mandatory requirements and adopting fair evaluation and award rules. Participants will have the opportunity to apply concepts to their own portfolios during the program. READ MORE

Communicating with Impact - March 4-5
In today's modern workplace, collaboration and teamwork is necessary for organizational success. Research has shown that establishing rapport or matching your communication style with others increases productivity, motivation and personal effectiveness while minimizing conflict. Communicating with Impact, presented by Peter Taylor is designed to be of both practical and personal benefit, and will assist you in refining the critical skills needed  to interact more effectively with your internal and external customers. This highly participative program includes a confidential self-scoring Communication Profile which will be integrated with the learning activities and assist participants in developing a personal action plan for implementation in the workplace. READ MORE

Webinars- NEW for 2015!
Negotiation Tactics: Dealing with "Dirty Tricks" - Jan 14

Proposal vs. Tendering: Choose the "Right" Sourcing Tool - Jan 21
Ethics and the Supply Chain Professional - Feb 18
Outsourcing for Success - Feb 25

Seminars & Workshops
Introduction to Business Planning (SMT) - Jan 20
Competitive Bidding and the Tendering Process (Diploma) - Jan 23

Leadership & Professionalism (Interactive) - Jan 24
Negotiation Skills (Interactive) - Jan 24
Communication & Relational Skills (Interactive) - Jan 30
International Business & Multicultural Studies (Interactive) - Feb 5
Introduction to Marketing (SMT) - Feb 10
Inventory Management (Diploma) - Feb 19
Ethical Behaviour & Social Responsibility (Interactive) - Feb 20